Aims and Objectives

1. To meditate where there is conflict in our society and arrive at amicable solution.


2. To negotiate on behalf of aggrieved party (ies) in order to avoid unnecessary confrontation.


3. To organize peace enhancing workshops and seminars in order to continue to encourage friendly understanding among all the ethnic groups in our society.


4. Train members/volunteers on peacekeeping exercise.


5. Produce and publish handbooks, handbills, journals etc to further educate our people on the need to continue to live in peace with one another. All these will be distributed freely.


6. Encouraging our youth to join in the crusade for Peace making by introducing the organisation to our various Institutes of learning.


7. To expand our selfless humanitarian services beyond our present scope by gaining international recognition and to continue to establish more friendly understanding among seemingly potential disputants by encouraging an early resolution to conflict and responding to complaints promptly.


8. Mobilize for PEACE-WALK/ CAMPAIGN, SPORTING EVENTS in our society where people of different RACE, BACKGOUND, RELIGIOUSE ETHNICITY, (etc) will participate in the PEACE-WALK/CAMPAIGN, PEACE CONCERT.


9. To liaise and intercede on behalf of aggrieved with the concerned Constituted authority with a view to work out compensation and infrastructure that would ensure a permanent resolution to crises.